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Sept. 20th Event Links
October 01, 2018

Let The Third Quarter Begin

Forex markets are showing no signs of slowing down as the Fourth Quarter of 2018 begins...

EURUSD - This currency cross is back in the gutter with newer move Lows on the menu.

USDJPY - A raging Bull to start October. The trend slope is going vertical.

BTCUSD - Locked in a range bound trade.

"Fall" Into Bitcoin Event Videos

Our event on Sept. 20th - "Fall" Into Bitcoin went very well. Soon we will have the edits of the film from the event for your viewing.

See Forex Trading Unlocked On TFNN

You can see Forex Trading Unlocked on Wednesdays on and their other media outlets. Check us out every Wednesday at 9:40 CST. Each week Forex Trading Unlocked is either interviewed via video feed, or we send in current Forex and other market analysis.

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