Boston Prime

Why Boston Prime?

  • UK FSA AuthorizedBoston Prime is a UK FSA authorized and registered organization and is proud to provide its customers the assurance and benefits of working with a regulated and transparent prime brokerage partner.
  • Creating Liquidity RelationshipsAllow our customers to have access to the same quality of liquidity as GFT, ODL, Interbank FX, PFG or any other large and reputable brokerage.
  • Record Brokerage setup timesTrading flow setup in 1 week. Beta Testing and Training in 1 week. Establish FX Spot liquidity from our existing providers in 2 days. Platform delivery in 1 week. Construction of the company client forms and procedures in 2 days.
  • Back OfficeOur Back Office is fully customizable, and can work with any source of information that has at least one way of extracting information.
  • SupportThe support section allows the back office to segment information and make it readily available for the support team for analysis, audits, research and other needs.

Boston Prime provides institutional-class liquidity for FX market participants. As an innovative liquidity connector with no volume minimums, Boston Prime partners with 9 of the world's top-tier liquidity providers allowing access to competitive pricing via a BBO (Best Bid/Best Offer) system. We pride ourselves on providing our customers 4 key principles:

Best Bid Best Offer

Our innovative Best Bid Best Offer (BBO) technology provides access to institutional class liquidity with the tightest spreads available in the market. The BBO Price Feed takes the best bid and offer from nine of the world's top-tier liquidity providers and aggregates the best prices into a single real-time stream for every transaction. In addition to FX, CFDs are also included with the BBO offering.



A common complaint of Forex brokerages is being confined to only one product, and many brokers are asking for the ability to be a multiple asset class to cater to a wide variety of traders, without the risk of requiring potential customers to learn about the Forex industry in order to conduct business. CFDs add new diversified revenue streams to your brokerage, attract clients from other markets, and enable brokerages to improve their web presence by attracting internet traffic from a wider variety of sites.CFDs are extremely beneficial to brokerages, especially when directly compared to actual futures contracts. Brokers have the ability to offer CFDs to their clients via the MT4 Platform, arguably the most popular trading platform in the industry. A liquidity bridge allows brokers to offer higher-risk products like CFDs with minimal dealing risk.CFDs also boast zero commission costs and low minimum contract sizes while futures contracts charge steep commissions and require hefty contract sizes. The ability to use high leverage makes CFDs an ideal product for day traders.CFD liquidity is now offered to institutional customers through Boston Prime, and brokerages can immediately take advantage of these many benefits. Setup is extremely easy and takes only a few days, and revenue streams are highly customizable.

Boston Prime offers an extremely versatile and lucrative list of products for CFDs:Name/Symbol:Based on:AUS20The S&P/ASX 200 - The Australian Stock Exchange IndexCAC40Cotation Assistee en Continu - French Stock Exchange IndexDAX30Deutscher Aktien indeX - German Stock Exchange IndexFTSE100Financial Times & London Stock Exchange - London Stock Exchange IndexHKO33Hong Kong Stock Exchange IndexITA40Italian Stock Exchange IndexJPN225Nikkei - Japanese Stock IndexSPA35Spanish Stock Exchange IndexSUI30Switzerland Stock ExchangeSWE30Swedish Stock ExchangeUS OILWTI (West Texas Intermediate) Light Crude OilUK OILBrent Crude OilUSA 30Dow Jones Industrial AverageUSA 100NASDAQUSA 500S&P 500