Capital Markets Infrastructure  

  Capital market infrastructure services are provided by Forex Trading Unlocked Inc. for those involved in online trading.  Colocation to proximity hosting, connectivity to third party solutions, and more services are offered.  This is your one stop shop for your technology infrastructure needs.

  Ask yourself one question.  Are you in the business of trading or IT?  If the answer is trading, then focus on trading, and let IT people handle your technology needs.   

Forex Trading Unlocked Inc. Capital Markets Infrastructure Services

Colocation / Proximity Hosting

Managed Services

IT Infrastructure Solutions


3rd Party Services

Market Data

What Market Participants Need This?

-  Firms that use automated ( algorithmic ), or HFT trading.

-  Sell side broker / dealers and prime service providers.

-  Investment Banks

-  Asset Management Firms

-  Hedge Funds

Benefits of Forex Trading Unlocked Capital Markets Infrastructure Services...

-  Best of breed IT infrastructure and technology

-  Optimized network topology for client leverage

-  Our network of solution providers allows clients to expand their capabilities in a rich technology ecosystem

-  Tools and systems that provide clients with automated provisioning, and the visibility into the performance, of their systems and applications

-  Significantly reduce your time-to-market and costs

-  Shield your business from critical infrastructure work required to stay competitive with the continuing changes in the markets

Products for Capital Markets Infrastructure...

Cloud Services


Cable Internet Access


Dedicated Internet Access




Fixed Wireless

Integrated Access

Managed Services


Wireless - Mobile


SIP Trunking


POTS - Multi-Site

Hosted VoIP

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