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  In 1989 the Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX) was established. Originally a Futures Exchange, the TFX transformed in 2007. It was at this time that the TFX transitioned from being a “Futures Exchange” into a “Financial Exchange”. Through this change, the exchange has opened its scope to any type of product.  All of this contributes to the growth of the Japanese financial markets.

  The core businesses of the Tokyo Financial Exchange:

- Offer financial instruments that handle securities as well as market derivatives.

- Clearing of market derivatives traded at the TFX

A Comprehensive Exchange :

  The TFX has evolved into an exchange of diverse products.  There are three main types of contracts traded on the Tokyo Financial Exchange.  Interest Rate, FX, and Equity Index markets.  

Interest Rate

  Interest rate futures traded on the TFX.  Three-month Euroyen Futures, Options on Three-month Euroyen Futures, and Over-Night Call Rate Futures.  Follow these markets to gain a better understanding of how Japan and the EU countries are connected in the interest rate market.

Equity Index

  Exchange Equity Index Margin Contracts (Click Kabu 365) traded on the TFX compliment the portfolio of derivatives offered.  There is the Japanese Nikkei225 margin contract, the DAX Index, and FTSE 100 Index available to online traders.   These contracts are valued in Yen.  This helps investors trade these indexes while keeping the trade focused with a perspective on Japan.  Trading these markets removes the need for currency conversions from the process as well.

FX Margin Contracts

  The most competitive price offered.  The TFX provides the most competitive pricing amongst leading institutions.  Transparent trading is heightened by information on tradable volume made available to investors.  There is also a single swap point price offered on Click365 contracts.  This removes any ability to retain extra profit in the swap point by the exchange.

About the Tokyo Financial Exchange :

1. Corporate Outline

2. History

3. Financial Information

4. Alliance

5. Contingency Plan

Listed Products :

1. Three-month Euroyen futures

2. Options On Three-month Euroyen futures

3. Six-month Euroyen Libor futures

4. Over-Night Call Rate futures

5. Exchange Forex Margin Contracts

6. Exchange Equity Index Margin contracts

Trading Information :

1. Trading (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

2. Trading Calendar (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

3. Exchange Holidays (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

4. Trading Membership (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

Clearing :

1. Clearing (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

2. Clearing Membership (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

TFX Trading Member :

1. List of Interest Rate Futures Trading Members

2. List of Forex Margin Trading Members

3. List of Equity Index Margin Trading Members

Market Data Service :

1. Market Data (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

2. Market Data Fee (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

3. List of Quote Vendors

System Information :

1. Trading System Overview (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

2. Clearing System Overview (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

3. Network/Proximity Services (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

4. List of ISVs/Subcontractors (Interest Rate Futures Contract)

Market Information (Previous Day) :

1. Three-month Euroyen futures

2. Three-month Euroyen futures (Past Five Days)

3. Options on Three-month Euroyen futures

Trading Volume And Open Interest :

1. Interest Rate Futures Contracts

2. Exchange Forex Margin Contracts

3. Exchange Equity Index Margin contracts

Trading-Related Data :

TFX Daily Statistics Report :

Historical Data

Leading Contract Months

Final Settlement Prices of O/N Call Rate Futures

Clearing Related Data :

1. Eligible Securities as Margins

Contact information

Nikkei 225 Yen

Weekly :

  Nikkei 225 Yen is one of the best gauges of the strength or weakness present in the Japanese Equity markets.  It is valued in Yen which locks in the currency value component.  The following weekly chart gives a medium term perspective of how this market is trending.

Nikkei 225 Index

Weekly :

  USD valued contract.