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Interconnection & Services

Facility Connectivity

Interconnection connects clients to a diverse and robust community of business partners, application and content creators. As a provider, leverage interconnection to explore new opportunities across Telx’s vast and interconnected co-location floors.

Cross Connect

Physical cross connects enable the greatest bandwidth at the lowest of costs. Cross connects form the fundamental link between two independent infrastructures. Connect to network partners, carriers, ISPs and other cloud and SaaS providers to name a few.

Riser Fiber

Business opportunity doesn’t end at the edge of the Telx datacenter. Telx interconnects millions of square feet of datacenter space by using miles of fiber between these other datacenter providers and Telx suites.

Proprietary Connect

Proprietary Connect delivers performance by leveraging advanced engineering of interconnection hardware, conduit and building cabling. Proprietary Connect delivers a competitive edge using both specificity and simplicity. Telx engineers deploy Proprietary Connect between parties using a coordinated Shortest Path/Minimal Hardware or SPMH configuration between the two endpoints.

Metro Connectivity

Connecting to employees, customers and business partners is essential. Our metro connectivity products offer convenient ways to connect between Telx C3 Cloud Connection Centers™ and to interconnect to other facilities, millions of lit buildings and thousands of potential business partners within a given metro and beyond.

Metro Connect

Metro Connect offers a convenient way to connect between Telx facilities as well as for extension to non-Telx centers located in the same market. Benefits include transparent, high bandwidth, frequency-based services to access networks, carriers, and enterprise clients within the same metro. Metro Connect lets you choose the right property to deploy your service, technology, network or content, while seamlessly accessing a vast community of customers or partners within a metro market.

National Connectivity

Telx’s interconnection portfolio includes a virtualized platform for interconnecting between more than one Telx ecosystem.

Datacenter Connect

Datacenter Connect creates a National fabric for interconnecting various services and applications as well as affording a path to leverage other Telx ecosystems. This unique design allows for clients of one facility to connect to and leverage the valuable ecosystem of another facility. Just as the Metro Connect product interconnects facilities within a given metro, our Datacenter Connect product builds a nationwide fabric to expand that reach to even more metros and markets on a greater scale.

Global & IP Connectivity

Leverage the internet to connect to anyone – from next door to the next continent. Reach thousands of users with your game or cloud based application. Custom dedicated carrier class infrastructure support our internet connectivity products.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Telx’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) service combines our network neutral colocation environment with automated routing to provide a reliable, dedicated Internet connection for any business. Customers can access services at 5mbps up to 10Gig.

Telx Internet Exchange (TIE)

Telx’s Internet Exchange (TIE) brings together regional IP networks from content providers and other networks onto a single, neutral, privately-owned network fabric. This increases performance and reliability for our customers due to reduced hop count and faster application response time through direct interconnection. At the same time, TIE offers reduced cost compared to IP transit products.

Enablement Services

Interconnection connects our clients to a diverse and robust community of business partners, application and content creators. Explore new opportunity across Telx’s vast and interconnected colocation floors.

Ether Connect

Ether Connect allows clients to connect via Ethernet within the same facility as well as to network providers to deliver or consume services via millions of other lit buildings by network providers throughout a metro and beyond. Deliver or receive application level services via Ether Connect’s interconnection. Ether Connect allows LAN type connectivity to traverse Telx’s 17 strategically located colocation facilities across North America.

AWS Direct Connect

Increase security and improve performance by creating direct connections to Amazon’s AWS services from within or from adjoining Telx datacenters. Clients can now leverage simple LAN and Cross Connect services to interface with Amazon’s cloud services.

Carrier Connect

Carrier Connect, adapted for the carrier and global network industry, advances the Cross Connect product by performing a vital and cost saving benefit for carriers and network operators. The platform for Carrier Connect can auto convert low speed circuits into a combined higher speed circuit and visa versa. Conversion can also be performed where by one circuit type is converted into another, e.g. SDH to Sonet.

Video Connect

Video Connect creates a live, face-to-face communication experience over the network that allows you to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers around the globe at a moment’s notice.

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