Have you ever made $100,000 using $3,000 to trade? Follow along in our Live Trade Seat to see the options trades that make it happen in real time. Our challenge just ended on March 1st with a $29,000 gain. Join us as we kick off another challenge! 

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Rules of the Game:Start trading account with $3,000.No margin trading.After achieving an account value of $10,000, the initial $3,000 in capital is removed.After achieving an account value of $40,000, $10,000 is removed.Challenge ends after 4 months regardless of profit level.All trades are sent out in real time.  Due to option movement, price change happens quickly and traderminute does not guarantee that others who may chose to follow will get the same fill prices.  Email transmission errors, technological problems, and acts of God are subject to happen.Trades are subject to happen anytime the CBOE options market is open.  Trades are also subject not to happen.  Sitting on ones hands at times is a valuable trade strategy.Trade commissions are not taken into account due to the difference in commission charges from brokers.TraderMinute pros do not suggest extra trades for the sake of playing catch up.As reward goes up, so does risk.  (a 30% loss on a $3,000 account is a little different than a 30% loss on a $60,000 account)Trades made as part of the 3K-100K challenge are not considered investment advice!  This is a game, not an investment strategy.  Loss of some or all capital is a potential reality.Trade entries and exits suggested by clients or 3rd parties will not be considered. (This is done in order to protect the suggest-or from feeling bad if they are wrong.  You are more than welcome to disregard our entries and exits)The $3K-$100K challenge is a learning exercise, not a retirement strategy.  Please be mindful of your risk.  TraderMinute is not responsible for losses sustained.Please see Terms and Conditions .Traderminute recommends that all traders use a virtual account to simulate trades.Please use Common Sense!