AVAFX Workshop For Forex, Stocks, & Commodities

  AVAFX Workshop This workshop is for beginners and veteran traders alike... Boost your trading skills! Trading Workshops

  AVAFX has recently launched its trading platform in Ireland and we are offering new clients who set up a demo or real account free online and offline trading workshops. We are one of the world’s leading online trading brokers with over 50,000 registered customers’ worldwide and trading volumes of more than $25 billion a month.

  Our Online Trading Workshops will show you...

•How to execute trades in forex, commodities, market indices and shares through an online institutional trading platform and profit from markets going up or DOWN

•How to identify opportunities in any market by using sophisticated technical trading tools

•How to analyze global financial news and the impact it has on the markets

•How to be a profitable trader by using prudent risk management and psychology

  Give the workshop a try. It is FREE! What is the worst thing that can happen?... You might learn something new! 

  Sign Up For Your FREE AVAFX Workshop Now. Everybody has room to learn and enhance their trading skills!