Ice - The Intercontinental Exchange


  The Intercontinental Exchange provides a transparent view of global markets. Access liquid markets, services, and technology required to manage risk. Here are some ICE highlights...


  • Regulated futures exchanges, global OTC markets and clearing houses in North America and Europe
  • Thousands of trading firms in more than 70 countries and market data customers in 120 countries
  • Global benchmarks in energy, agriculture, foreign exchange and equity indexes
  • Home to more than half of the world's crude oil and refined petroleum product futures volume
  • Brazilian power market partnership (BRIX)

  • Futures, options and OTC swaps contracts
  • More than 1,000 contracts for managing risk across agricultural, CDS, currency, emissions, energy and equity index markets
  • Benchmark contracts for the world's most heavily traded commodities, including crude oil, sugar, cotton and foreign exchange
  • OTC energy markets
  • Cleared OTC credit derivatives markets
  • Transparent, regulated electronic markets

  • The first marketplace to offer futures and OTC markets on a single screen
  • Sub-one millisecond trade execution times
  • Accessible platform featuring multiple connectivity options and a web-based screen
  • Mobile data and trading technology for iPhone, Android and Blackberry
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    Softs Fast Facts Report

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