USE - United Stock Exchange

India's Newest Stock Exchange


  United Stock Exchange is becoming a symbol of India’s modern financial markets. The USE provides opportunities for businesses and trading institutions that deal in currency and interest rate derivatives. High liquidity exists through a strong bank promoter base. All Indian public sector banks, respected banks and corporate houses have helped drive the development and stability of this exchange.

  The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE – Asia’s oldest stock exchange) is also a partner of the USE. Through this relationship the USE has gained decades of regulatory structure, governance, exchange technology, and clearing expertise. With its strategic partners, the USE has evolved into a world class state of the art exchange platform.

Why trade the USE?

Enhanced Liquidity – A liquid trading platform has been developed through the efforts of the PSU banks, Private Sector banks, and corporate institutions.

Diversity of Participants –A broad range of market participants is leveraged through the collective customer base of its shareholders.

Trading on USE provides opportunities for all classes of market participants:


  Banks gain lower costs for large positions. Arbitrage opportunities present themselves across different markets.

Corporate Entities

  Transparency of quotes. The USE promotes education and is committed to training businesses how to hedge in the futures markets.


  Increased order flow and lower costs at the client level. User friendly platform and customizable front end. Low terminal setup costs because of the alliance with the BSE.


  The Bombay Stock Exchange lends its technology to the United Stock Exchange. Trading on the USE is carried out on the BSE’s world class technology infrastructure. This ensures that a reliable trading system is delivered.

Trading on the USE

1.) Futures contracts on currency pairs

2.) Calendar spread futures contracts

3.) All futures contracts are cash settled

4.) Trading is accessed from dedicated terminals at locations of the members of the exchange.

5.) Non-members trade on the USE through trading members of the Exchange.

6.) All open contracts at expiration are settled in rupees.

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