Forex Trading School

  Forex Trading School is full of valuable information about currency trading. Take your time and use these resources. More information will continue to be added weekly. 

  The information found here will help secure a solid foundation. You will learn currency trading one step at a time. Do not rush. Your patience now will pay off in the long run. The learning curve will increase as more trading tips are absorbed. But, take it slow. Remember that the currency market is not going anywhere.

  Forex Trading Rules This is step one. Knowing the basic rules of trading is where you will get started. These can be found in almost every basic resource on trading. It is part of Trading 101.

  Forex Trading Unlocked Bookstore Expand your forex Trading knowledge. The markets are always evolving. Make sure your have all the tools to adapt to new market conditions. 

  Money Management One of the true keys to success in trading is Money Management. It can not be stressed enough. If you do not exercise discipline here. You Will Fail! Make sure that part of your forex training is mastering this information.

  Currency Trading Hours When to trade? This is another underestimated Key to learning how to trade. When you trade is just as important as what you trade. Many get rich quick marketers will have you believe that jumping in and trading anytime is alright. It is not! If there is anything you get out of Forex Trading School, please understand this. Overtrading will destroy your capital!

  Technical Analysis Understanding Technical analysis is very important for all traders. Do not use it as a crutch. But rather, use it for what it is. A tool. The Holy Grail is not out there. However, with the right combination of information and methods, success is in your future.

  Fundamental Analysis Fundamental Analysis is readily available from multiple sources. Just as in sports, fundamentals are important. If this area is neglected, errors in trading will occur just as in athletic competition. 

  Forex Trading School Resources