Nissan Century Securities

Global Institutional Services

  Nissan Century Securities is one of the top financial brokerage firms in Japan, offering international institutions and traders premium execution, clearing, and brokerage services for listed and OTC financial products including equities, derivatives, fixed income, and FX.

  NCS is the Japanese brokerage with full clearing memberships to the JPX Group (Tokyo Stock Exchange, Osaka Exchange), the Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX), and the Tokyo Commodity Exchange. NCS also holds a trading membership to Eurex, and provides market access to SGX, CME, and CE, among other global exchanges.

A History Of Service

  For over 60 years, Nissan Century Securities has been serving satisfied clients, both in Japan and internationally.  And from the company’s beginnings as a local securities broker to its current incarnation as a global institutional brokerage business, NCS has always operated to one central principal: Clients First.

  Nissan Century Securities dedication to high quality service for their clients and business partners allows them to maintain their core value of responsibility, innovation, and flexibility as they continue to expand services and offerings.

Products And Services Backed By High Performance Technology

  Nissan Century Securities specializes in providing ultra low latency DMA solutions for both securities and commodities markets, and is the premier HFT broker in Japan.

  NCS global proprietary global high speed network, support for both multiple ISV’s and native API DMA, and co-location proximity hosting services for JPX (OSE, TSE) and TOCOM allow them to provide their clients with access to the fastest low latency trading networks available in Japan.

Drivatives, Commodities, and FX

  Nissan Century Securities product offerings provide clients with access to Japanese and global markets, and encompass a full suite of clearing, execution, and brokerage services.  Nissan is also able to offer special discounts and incentives for clients who wish to trade as market makers and liquidity providers, available on multiple exchanges.

NCS offers market access to the following exchanges:

The JPX Group :



Tokyo Financial Exchange :


The CME Group

Tokyo Commodity Exchange :


Intercontinental Exchange :


Korea Exchange :


Singapore Exchange :


London Metal Exchange :



Low Latency Trading Solutions

  NCS offers high-performance system solutions to meet the needs of their clients, and will work carefully with you to arrange precision systems that satisfy all your requirements.

Proprietary High Speed Network

  NCS’ proprietary, in-house global high speed network utilizes best of breed providers, and low-latency intercontinental routes to provide clients a reliable, efficient, secure, and fast trading network.

Co-Location & Proximity Hosting

  NCS offers value-added Hosting and Infrastructure Services for Trading on the OSE, TSE, and TOCOM, and other global exchanges.  Nissan provides rack space in major data centers including both proximity and exchange colocation services, aligned with fastest access, and high quality clearing.

FIX Gateway

  NCS‘ low latency FIX Gateway allows clients to take advantage of high-speed order routing and broad market depth, running via NCS’ high speed network.  FIX access to both futures and FX markets is available.

Native API DMA Support & Custom Solutions

  NCS understands the importance of flexibility.  That’s why they support their client’s Native API DMA, and are happy to work with clients to design customized system architecture, facilitate specialized requests, and develop new ways to accommodate client needs.

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  • Nissan Century Securities Co., Ltd. is a financial instruments firm registered under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act of Japan, 
    with the registered number 131. Associated as a Member of Japan Securities Dealers Association, The Commodity Futures Association of Japan,
    The Financial Futures Association of Japan